Project partners

The project was sponsored by:

Homes and Communities Agency

The Homes and Communities Agency is the national housing and regeneration delivery agency for England. It came into existence on 1 December 2008 combining English PartnershipsGlossary: English Partnerships was the national regeneration agency, which merged with the Housing Corporation in December 2008 to form the new Homes and Communities Agency, the investment programme of the Housing Corporation, the Academy for Sustainable CommunitiesGlossary: Sustainable communities meet the social, economic and environmental needs of existing residents without reducing the same opportunities for future generations and key housing and regeneration programmes currently delivered by Communities and Local Government.

Local Government Improvement and Development (LGID)

The LGID works for local government improvement to help councils serve people and places better. It is owned by the Local Government Association and belongs to local government.


The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) is the professional body for people involved in housing and communities. It is a registered charity and not-for-profitGlossary: refers to organisations or initiatives which invest their profits back into their charitable activities organisation.