Community master planning needs to be flexible

Research by the Keystone Development Trust identifies the important role master planning played in creating integrated communities in the New Towns

"Master planning was identified as playing a significant role in creating integrated communities. This worked best when there was a clear idea of the in-coming population, participation in the aspects on the agenda."

Learning from the Past, Keystone Development Trust (2009)

Lessons from the New Towns review identified that community master planning worked most effectively when it provided for local choice. Successful aspects were identified as providing "infrastructure that was flexible, so that communities could develop it in a way that suited them in the future ... [and] Enabling participation in planning of the later phases." Less successful aspects were: being overly prescriptive in terms of social infrastructureGlossary: refers to the range of activities, organisations and facilities supporting the formation, development and maintenance of social relationships in a community, by providing facilities that weren't easily adaptable.

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The Village at Caterham, Surrey

When the Caterham Barracks closed it had a significant effect on the social and economic life of the town and the area was considered unviable for development. Linden Homes purchased the site and proposed that any new development would only be feasible if significant benefits to the community were also realised.
In order to achieve this, the architects John Thompson & Partners (JTP) facilitated a community planningGlossary: is a process by which residents are involved in planning and managing services or physical developments process that incorporated over 1000 people from the local area. What was once hostility toward developing the area became positive support, eventually creating a mixed-use neighbourhood of 361 homes with a range of housing tenures. Overall, this process increased the site value by over £50m which included £5m of community assets that are part owned and run by a Community Development Trust.