Integrated and cohesive communities

An integrated and cohesive community is one where:

  • There is a clearly defined and widely shared sense of the contribution of different individuals and different communities to a future vision for a neighbourhood, city, region or country
  • There is a strong sense of an individual's rights and responsibilities when living in a particular place - people know what everyone expects of them, and what they can expect in turn
  • Those from different backgrounds have similar life opportunities, access to services and treatment
  • There is a strong sense of trust in institutions locally to act fairly in arbitrating between different interests and for their role and justifications to be subject to public scrutiny
  • There is a strong recognition of the contribution of both those who have newly arrived and those who already have deep attachments to a particular place, with a focus on what they have in common
  • There are strong and positive relationships between people from different backgrounds in the workplace, in schools and other institutions within neighbourhood


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